Springtime Carnivore, Greta Morgan

My interview with Springtime Carnivore – Greta Morgan

Greta Morgan is the mind and person behind Springtime Carnivore. If you haven’t heard her yet, then the video Name on a Matchbook will introduce you to her culture-exploring storytelling and her pop-flavored, almost retro, alluring persona and musicality. The debut album, also called Springtime Carnivore, was produced by Richard Swift, who has worked with The Black Keys and The Shins, and has just been released on Autumn Tone Records. She’s been playing here and there, and is gearing up for more touring in the New Year. Catch up to your friends who are already hooked on her music, or introduce them first, because it looks like Springtime Carnivore is just taking off. Northern Transmissions wanted to know more, and Alice Severin was able to catch up with Greta and ask her about how she approaches music.

The process of self-discovery and personal evolution is really fascinating to me, regardless of age. Transition in general. I’ve spent endless hours googling “before and after” stories, whether it’s for addiction recovery, weight loss, sex changes, travel, religious experience, etc.

Interview this way…

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