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The beginning of the Access series. Tristan and Lily start here, and so do you. Out on Amazon, Nook, Kobo. Get ready to have your world rocked. Or just have fun.

And his eyes, under his dark brows, were staring at me with a strange intensity.
“You came.”
“You asked me to.”
“I’m glad you don’t sleep either.”

He was animal and beautiful, and I felt like I was looking at a work of art. His beauty was so modern, but there was a whisper of something ancient in his proportions.

“I knew you’d be like this,” he whispered.

“Tristan and Lily are such passionate, complex and complicated people and getting to know them and experience the intensity between them just had me spellbound.”
Totally Booked

“I don’t know how Ms. Severin does her research but she really puts the reader right in the middle of the journalism and music industry. She is an incredible story teller.”
The Book Bellas

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13 thoughts on “Access All Areas

    • alice says:

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting! All that energy helps move book three along! It’s getting there! Be sure to check FB tomorrow for a little surprise! Alice<3

  1. desiree says:

    I read alot of romance novels and I have to say I really have enjoyed this series! I like that the characters have flaws and I love that you take time with the storyline instead of rushing. I got so into the stories that i literally could not put them down and even downloaded on my phone so I could keep reading everywhere I went. Can’t wait for the third book!!!

    • alice says:

      Thank you so much! Downloading to phone – that’s serious! What a great comment! Working hard on book three. Thanks for reading!

    • alice says:

      Thank you!! Not sure when the next one will be ready. And there could be another beyond…we’ll see what they all get up to!

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