Nowhere in Two Places

They say you can’t live a lie, but sometimes there isn’t any other choice. For Miranda, who wanted a little adventure and a little love, teaching kids in London and getting married was supposed to be the sensible path.

But what if you discovered you had to hide every day, even from your friends? What if you find you can’t believe in yourself or anything else? Maybe running away is the only thing you can do. Maybe, if reality isn’t working, then magic, when it turns up, might not seem so mad after all….


I wasn’t familiar with the author before this book, but now I am a fan. A friend of mine recommended this read to me. This novel is set between England (London and a countryside) and New York, and the geological and cultural references are well simmered into the story. Such introspective and perceptive narrative of this book gave me an immense joy of reading it. Main protagonists are well developed and all likable in their own ways and the plot is consistently moving forward with a good pace though at times some dialogues really take some time to flesh out the emotional nuances of the characters. Al in all, it’s a very nice, enthralling romance to experience for those who are concerned with feminism and social justice in daily life.

I really enjoyed this lovely story of two broken people trying to find the will to live and love. The author acutely captures the feelings that draw people together but push them apart at the same time. And if you like Shakespeare, there are some nice allusions to one of his best-loved plays as well.

Couldn’t put this book down! A magical new novel about a young woman who struggles between real and hidden worlds trying to find herself. Sounds familiar???