My interview with Until the Ribbon Breaks

Until the Ribbon Breaks is a new band comprising Pete Lawrie Winfield, James Gordon, and Elliot Wall. Right now, they are all in the studio, rehearsing for their upcoming tour, to support their debut album, A Lesson Unlearnt. Begun as a studio project, and heavily inspired by the cinematic due to Winfield’s film school background, the album borrows from different genres. Hip hop features prominently, weaving its way through the songs, and they managed to score the guest participation of Run the Jewels for one of the tracks. Now with the album about to drop, they’re attracting a lot of attention. So the band which claimed to have gone into the studio with a piano, a drum machine, projecting film clips for inspiration, is taking the show on the road. Northern Transmissions wanted to know more about what was behind the scenes. Alice Severin was able to talk with the group and discover the backstory behind this latest big feature.

It started as a studio project, which brought us together to make a record that we loved in the studio, and then other people liked it, I suppose. And that evolved into us deciding that we should probably entertain the idea of it being a band. And then it turned into a live band, and here we are.

the interview is here…

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