Alice Severin, writer, lecturer, delivery driver, bureaucrat, shape shifter. Came to a bit of fame as the author of Access All Areas, Access Restricted, and the last book in the trilogy, Access Unlimited.  Tristan and Lily, the somewhat damaged pair, whose adventures are detailed over the course of the three books, continue to find a following.

Nowhere in Two Places came out in 2019 (how?!). It’s different from the first three – introspective, observant, maybe even a bit depressing.

And the latest book is out. Touch Memory.  The story of two men, their deep connection, and their attempts to navigate more than one reality. Who knows where it will fall between beach read and philosophy.

Based in NYC, in the middle of the pandemic and protests. A while ago, was busy interviewing some of the most intriguing musicians in the business and reviewing new music. All those interviews and reviews can be found here.

Still writing, still reading, still angry at so many things.

If you follow politics, and you should – the Twitter feed is a good source of information – @aliceseverin

Blog posts on the web at aliceseverin.com

Still on Facebook, but I’m here not there – AuthorAliceSeverin

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