No, not the guitarist. But the lovely combination of two interesting men, with an interest in each other... Thank you Star Trek. So much more than just a breakfast cereal... ? //////////////////////////////   If you like this kind of thing, you might want to read "Silverlink"


Dark Twin (the_dark_twin) wrote in starcrossedmoon, @ 2005-02-22 22:47:00 Dark Twin (the_dark_twin) wrote in starcrossedmoon, REC: "The Alley", by Severin (NC-17) Title: "The Alley" Author: Severin (severinstir) Rating: NC-17 Summary: Power, solitude, and memory. Why I recommend it: A short but intense look at the state of mind of post-Halloween 1981 Remus Lupin – a mind that’s a world of its own where … Continue reading Recs