Happy New Year and Book Update!

Happy New Year to all of you! I hope 2015 brings us all the space to forget fear, find new connections, and explore our own unique paths. Much love to all of you. It’s a grey day in NYC, but the conversations on the street speak of hope and any attempt to go a different way, even if it’s just trying out the new coffee shop. Another chance.

Now moving on to the next book. Did you forget? Because I didn’t. It’s coming along, and I’m hoping to have it done by spring. It’s not set in the Access world (Tristan! We still love you!) but it has some things in common, perhaps.

To the discovery of new things, and with grateful thanks to the thousands of readers out there, both vocal and silent.

Alice xx

And special mention to Totally Booked, who have Access Unlimited on their 2014 list of books that received 4.5 stars. Thank you!

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