Daniel Benjamin and Maddy Wilde of Moon King

My interview with Daniel Benjamin of Moon King

Moon King is the combination of two long-time friends and musical collaborators from Toronto – Daniel Benjamin and Maddy Wilde. They started out by releasing 2 EPs, Obsession 1 and Obsession 2, and are now about to unveil their first full-length album, Secret Life, on Last Gang Records. It’s dreamy and intense, the vocals reaching out over music that shows traces of influences from artists as diverse as Kraftwerk and Neil Young. Dark, epic, and intriguing, Moon King have just been on tour with Alvvays, honing their talents on the road. They’ve released a couple of teasers from the album, as well as an intriguing live video that mixes the two songs together, and Northern Transmissions wanted the backstory. Alice Severin spoke with Daniel Benjamin as he prepared for their next tour about singing, the desert, and inspiration.

Music is something that if you take yourself too seriously you’re going to fall on your face and embarrass yourself. But if you take it just the right amount of serious, you’re going to fall on your face and then everyone will love you for it.

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