Drenge open up about Undertow

cover of Undertow - Drenge

cover of Undertow – Drenge

Drenge hit the headlines when they were named NME’s Best New Band of the Year, an accolade they shared with past winners like The Strokes and Arctic Monkeys. Their debut self-titled album had slamming tracks on it like “Backwaters”, “Fuckabout”, and “Bloodsports”, a song that Zane Lowe had as one of his hottest tracks. They played Glastonbury, and turned up wearing dresses at Reading Festival, delivering a blast of straight energy to the throbbing mosh pits of faithful fans. Now Drenge are back with their second album, Undertow, out on Infectious Records on April 6, worldwide release this time round. Northern Transmissions was able to catch up with the band when they came over to New York for an appearance on Letterman, and two blistering live shows. Alice Severin braved the bad weather to have an early coffee with Eoin and Rory Loveless, who opened up about their new album, the new bassist, and recording.

Rory: Yeah. I don’t want to call it like a difficult second album. But it was kind of difficult, in a way, to finish it, but we’re super proud of it.

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