The Vaselines

Interview with Frances McKee of The Vaselines

When The Vaselines formed in Glasgow, back in 1986, Frances McKee and Eugene Kelly certainly didn’t imagine that they’d split up right as their first album was being released, or that Kurt Cobain would cover their songs. And they probably would have laughed at the idea that quite a while further on in the future, they would still be recording and wind up making one of their best albums. But it’s all true. V for Vaselines has great, deceptively simple fun songs and sharp lyrics. It’s more than an excellent follow-up to 2010’s Sex with an X, it’s a fast ride all on its own. The Vaselines are now out on tour, and Northern Transmissions threw on a motorcycle jacket and raced to catch up. Alice Severin talked to Frances about the new album, the image, and who should cover a Vaselines’ song.

We have known each other for a long time and The Vaselines is like our unruly child that needs disciplining once every few years.

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