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My interview with Drew Thomson of Single Mothers

Not many musicians moonlight as gold prospectors hunting for the real thing, instead of the number of units sold variety. But Drew Thomson did. Of course, that was before he came out of the north woods and rejoined his band, Single Mothers. Now they’ve released a new album, Negative Qualities, a punk whirlwind of shouting dissatisfaction and sarcastic criticism moored to energy-filled rhythms and little moments that stick with you. It’s an album that feels a whole lot like the start of something. Northern Transmissions wanted to catch up with Single Mothers before anyone had a chance to be tempted away by the lure of the quiet forest, and Alice Severin was able to talk to Drew Thomson about the music and where the feeling comes from.

Yeah. I think being on stage is great because it’s not like…I think part of it is you’re getting all that attention but the conversation is one-sided, right?

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