Rainbow Laces

Rainbow Laces This morning I was happy to see prominent football players, captains, wearing the rainbow armband and speaking out for LGBTQ+ rights. How far we’ve come, I thought, even now when the shadow of xenophobia and fascism is ever-present. They aren’t ashamed to speak out. Things can change. However, while there was an interview … Continue reading Rainbow Laces

Book Update

Book update. Just received a fantastic email from a fan/reader/great person with a "desperate request" - they want another book in the Access series! They quoted Tristan to me! It made me miss that terrible foursome of Lily, Tristan, AC, and Trevor. Very much. I think there will have to be a fourth book at … Continue reading Book Update

Feels like summer and book update

  A picture of the High Line- one of the more interesting architectural resurrections - based on the one in Paris, but a with a distinct NYC feel. Unfortunately, it is never this quiet anymore. Have started the new book. More than started. Always interesting, watching it unfold... Alice xx