Happy New Year and the end of a decade

Happy solstice, holidays, and soon to be new decade. I’m not sure where the old one got to, but it’s been a long, strange trip – wasn’t that The Grateful Dead?

Anyway, the new book is now out on other platforms if the big internet behemoth didn’t take your fancy. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s called Nowhere in Two Places. Perhaps a different kind of rock star romance. Not a muffin mystery or a soft porn fest, so don’t be disappointed. How to get the word out…I still post on Facebook because people are still there…but am going to focus more on the long neglected webpage. Despite all the bad news of the past year, we must keep going (see Alexei Sayle). What else can we do?

Of course, easier said than done, and it’s been a rough year for me.

Ok. New book out. Next book nearly done. And I’ve made a playlist for the new book. I may still add some more songs to it, but worth a listen with or without the book. And – did I forget? This self-promotion lark is really quite something. All the books – even the soft porn rock star muffin mysteries – are on sale for .99 or the worldwide equivalent. When I think back to what started it all – a decade ago – well. A lot of magical moments, as Dave Gahan would say.

A very happy new year to all – and – look after yourself. You’re very much needed.

With love, Alice xx

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