Touch Memory the new book by Alice Severin

Touch Memory

In the highly competitive world of European football, Gabriel knows even friendships can be hazardous. Loyalties become divided, players change clubs. And when they do, it shouldn’t matter.

Because you’re never supposed to get that close.

Since childhood, there’s been one dream and one focus. To play at the highest level and be chosen to represent your country. If you’ve done that, then you’ve succeeded beyond your wildest hopes. There’s nothing else to wish for.

Because you believed nothing else was as important.

Every day, the sport demands more. You’re pushed beyond your limits under the constant pressure to perform. In return, there are rewards – fame, wealth, expensive cars, beautiful women. It feeds the illusion.

Because you know one bad tackle can end it all in a second.

For a long time, Gabriel has ignored his feelings. To deny a secret is to admit it exists. And he can resist temptation.

Because you only get one true love, and that was supposed to be football.

One unexpected phone call.

One simple question.

Because you knew this could happen.