Review of A Lesson Unlearnt – the album from Until the Ribbon Breaks

Pete Lawrie Winfield, who hails from Cardiff, has a background in film and an interest in soundtracks that he has turned into an experimental mix of genres, with bandmates James Gordon and Elliot Wall. Using words that sometimes sound as though they were taken straight from a personal journal, computerized brooding sounds, and music mashed together with hip hop, Until the Ribbon Breaks starts off familiar and veers into unknown territory. Winfield first came to the public eye doing DJ sets for Lorde, and has also created a number of what he terms “re-imaginings” of other musician’s songs, hitting on everyone from Blondie to London Grammar. The debut album, A Lesson Unlearnt, features Run the Jewels as guests on one of the songs, their mood of necessary intensity making a unique contrast with the singer/songwriter feel that underpins most of the tracks.

It’s an interesting idea, a combination that sometimes works, and other times seems a bit of an afterthought. Until the Ribbon Breaks is on tour supporting London Grammar and has been featured on NPR and Harper’s Bazaar’s sounds of 2015, so expect to see more of them and some moody fashion shots featuring the camera-ready Winfield.

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