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Laetitia Sadier Interview

Laetitia Sadier has just released her mesmerizing album Something Shines, and will be touring Europe and the UK in November and December; perfect music to accompany the late autumn mists and fogs. Autumn has always been a fertile time for revolutionary spirit as well, from Guy Fawkes to 1989 to the Occupy movements, with significant waypoints in between. The former member of Stereolab isn’t coming over here at the moment, and Northern Transmissions wanted to know more about the ideas expressed in the album and the artistic spirit that infuses the music. Alice Severin sent a message in a bottle and it came back on a wave, filled with sparks of inspiration and sharp, observant comments on the political and creative landscape of our time. Sadier shares her thoughts here.

Laetitia Sadier: Something Shines was made over a long period of time compared to the other two, which were made very quickly and in a state of urgency. It has a more experimental quality. I wanted it to mature, to let time do its thing so to give the music time to give off its own elements of fermentation, which is a process of transformation I find fascinating. So it came to be in a slow process.

My interview with Laetitia Sadier (ex-Stereolab) on the new album and the state of the world.

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