Interview with Slow Magic

Speaking to the enigmatic and mysterious Slow Magic…
only requires moderate vetting with just a few levels of security. Luckily, we passed, and Northern Transmissions was able to talk about the long awaited new album, How to Run Away, and find out what drives the Slow Magic project. Ranging from autobiography to animals to magic powers, we also find out where you might want to run away to. Alice Severin peeks behind the mask.

SM – There’s a lot of preparation, a lot of behind the scenes mask building and repairing, and things like that (laughs). And also, it’s fun. I’m usually pretty stressed and working late into the night before the tour. I just want to make it as good as I can. There are a few new things for the tour that I’m going to be doing as far as new music and also some new drums and different stage setups. So I’m excited to share that with everyone.

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