My interview with LA Band Gateway Drugs

On their Facebook page, Gateway Drugs describe their genre as “drug pop.” It might be tongue in cheek, but if your ideal drug experience is fun, unpredictable, swirling, and unbound by rules, then the band probably has a point. Straight out of Los Angeles, Gateway Drugs are the three Niles siblings – Gabe, Noa, and Liv, and friend Blues Williams. They all share the instrument and vocal duties. And the Niles trio knows a bit about the music world – their father is Preston Niles, from a little band you might have heard of called The Knack. But this is no throw-back to the 1979 classic hit “My Sharona”. Instead, there is a punchy garage band meets pop punk psychedelia ethos that could call for the formation of a whole new set of classics. Their latest song, “Fridays Are for Suckers” off the album, Magick Spells, shows a band who knows exactly what they’re doing. Northern Transmissions caught up with Gateway Drugs in the middle of their tour. Alice Severin asked about how this spell was cast.

NT: The chorus to “Anu” is great – do you think there is a certain feel you were trying to capture?

Liv: Thank you, no not really, we just wanted it to sound like Chuck Berry on Acid.

interview here!

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