My interview with Nick Hemming of The Leisure Society

UK based group The Leisure Society are releasing their new album, The Fine Art of Hanging On, on April 13. Since their debut album The Sleeper in 2009, they have been praised by both audiences and fellow musicians for their emotional and musical range as well as the orchestral balance of their songs. In a flurry of notoriety, they were nominated for two Novello awards back to back. Brian Eno said that their music was beautiful and wanted to meet them. Ray Davies wanted to work with them. The live performances of their delicately crafted folk-rock songs have won them five star reviews. And they just played a 5am show to support Dermot O’Leary and his 24 hour dance marathon to raise money for Red Nose Day, the UK charity event, not only for a good cause, but because they are one of his favorite bands. With the new album on the horizon, Northern Transmissions wanted to hear more about The Leisure Society. Alice Severin spoke with front man and singer/songwriter Nick Hemming who generously shared his thoughts about life, lyrics, and the inspirations behind his songs.

I spend most of my time obsessing over lyrics in one way or other. I do deliberately try to leave them open to interpretation although they generally come from quite a personal place. I love it when people find their own meaning in something I’ve written.

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