My interview with Susil Sharma of Heat from Montreal

Indie-rock Canadian band Heat’s debut EP won the attention of NME, who starred them as one of the bands to watch out for in 2015. Susil Sharma had been on the Montreal music circuit for a while, when he decided it was time to start writing his own songs. Somehow that impulse turned into a band and then a big deal. Double guitars feel reminiscent of The Strokes, with moments taken from Echo and the Bunnymen or Jesus & Mary Chain. Over the top of it all, Susil Sharma’s warm, late-night smoky bar confessional vocal contains more than a few hints of Lou Reed. Now the band, comprised of Raphael Bussieres on bass, Matthew Fiorentino on guitar, and Alex Crow on drums, is touring and working on new material. Northern Transmissions wanted to hear about the past and the future of Heat. Alice Severin was able to catch up with Susil Sharma on the road.

Yeah, we’re all based out of Montreal. It’s such an ideal place, to be at the kind of beginning stages of a band. You know, the cost of living there is really cheap. So you can kind of really focus on music even before you’re like a big band that necessarily would be doing it full time.

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