Drenge new music!

I’m snowed in here, although not as much as I’d hoped. Yesterday, I trekked out across the wild tundra of New York City, snow beginning to swirl around, turning the park and the streets into a temporary stage set of true winter, where beasts of buses clank along with their chains, and everyone is wrapped in those Canada Goose arctic jackets that cost 600 dollars. The beginning of a snow storm is beautiful, as the streets clear out, everyone slows down a little, and the grime is hidden under a frosted layer of nostalgia. And it was all worth it, because at the end of my journey was a warm restaurant, where I was able to sit down with Eoin and Rory Loveless from Drenge.

It was a pleasure to see them again, after our long talk last summer. They spoke at length about the new album and what it was like to go back into the studio. That interview will be out soon, as will the new album. In the meantime, they are on Letterman tonight, January 27, and are playing a couple of NYC shows on Thursday and Friday. Zane Lowe just debuted their new track on BBC Radio One, “We Can Do What We Want.” It’s his hottest track in the world.

Full throttle energy poured into adrenaline soaked music that dives under your skin and defiantly takes control, refusing to let go. There isn’t a single track I’ve heard that hasn’t demanded all my attention up front, only to slide around the back later and curl up for a longer stay.

Looks like the hibernation time is coming to an end.

BBC mini interview with Zane Lowe – Hottest Track in the World


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