Feels like summer and book update

  A picture of the High Line- one of the more interesting architectural resurrections - based on the one in Paris, but a with a distinct NYC feel. Unfortunately, it is never this quiet anymore. Have started the new book. More than started. Always interesting, watching it unfold... Alice xx

Spring Equinox

Happy Spring! It feels a little warmer and it is much brighter here than even a week ago. Just to update - the production process is underway, and as soon as it is complete it will be time to publish Access Unlimited. It will be available on Amazon first, then paperback. If you want me … Continue reading Spring Equinox

Write write write

I am going to update the site a bit more! I've been working on book three, the continuing adventures of Tristan and Lily - that's not the title btw! - and will have some news soon about the book and the release date. Alice xx