Interview with In the Valley Below

In the Valley Below  pic

Northern Transmissions spoke to Jeffrey Jacob and Angela Gail from In the Valley Below while they were hanging out in their rehearsal space/recording studio in downtown Los Angeles. There’s a bit of advance buzz about the new album, The Belt, which is coming out August 26. The arty video for “Peaches” is racing around the internet. And with a slightly dark image that German Vogue saw fit to immortalize within their pages last winter, the pair that may or may not be together are keeping mystery alive with their retro American Gothic by Grant Wood meets LA look and a lot of chemistry. At the same time, they have a solid grip on the Southern California laid back vibe. Their sound manages to mix it all together, somehow. Alice Severin talked to Jeff and Angela about being inspired by David Lynch and how they create the songs. And making beer.

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