At last

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November 3

I voted.

November 4 5 6

Or WTF. Saw this on TikTok. Exactly


November 7

This morning felt different. Depression comes and goes, so wary of any change in mood that may be fleeting. Lightness, or darkness, sometimes the best thing to do is routine. Coffee. Tea. But the slight and gentle bliss of lying in bed, when the sun reaches the window. Why cellphones. Why anything. When you miss the beach, that feeling of being illuminated by the sun, wet sand at your back, piercing warmth at the front.

This morning felt sunlit. Lightness, the way you feel as a little kid, off to a day of adventure.

I may rarely feel that feeling now, but I remember it.

Then suddenly. The shouts. The person banging their pots and pans, the way we used to do at 7pm at the height of the pandemic – first wave. That brief, slight moment of I don’t know you, across the way, in your tenement window, pot in hand, but here we are.

And then the shouting started. Whistles, screaming. Cars honking. Cheering.

Could it be could it be

MSNBC. AP. The Guardian. The BBC. So across the world, something acknowledged. The New York Times.

That feeling of lightness. Like the passing of a terrible headache, leaving you feeling weak, as after a great ordeal, but freer. All the ideas that you hadn’t thought of for so long. Why did you stop doing that? Could more be possible?

A moment to celebrate.

A taste, like a distant perfume, a wave, of how people must have felt at the end of World War Two. So many differences – yet. Didn’t we just overcome fascism?

There is never a total victory. But this is not the time to focus on the flaws. This is the time to throw arms open to the skies, breathe in, and rejoice that there are yet victories to claim.

Watch Van Jones and know it for the truth. Time to bless each other for having enough strength to get us here.

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