Feed the Birds

I was reading something by Tom Cox, whose writing makes me feel like there is a point to things and began thinking. That is to say, started to organize and categorize all the ideas and thoughts that one wakes up with. The feelings and scenes and characters that sink away, the crash landing from dreams … Continue reading Feed the Birds


Some thoughts after being bludgeoned with sales and offers and new and must have and every party should and everyone ought to and nursing bruises that only the internet can inflict. It occurs to me why out-of-control capitalism (is there another kind?) is destroying the earth. It occurred to me just this morning. This morning, … Continue reading Mint

a bug

Well, well, well

Well. A deep subject. Don’t worry. It’s an inside joke. I must be feeling better, because I feel compelled to write something about the experience. I doubt it will have any linear clarity, but linear movement, like constant growth, is a post-capitalist economist trick of the light to make everyone feel that if they aren’t … Continue reading Well, well, well