Write, resist, repeat

Hello everyone Hola todos Salut à tous in every language, to everyone.

Now as we watch with horror how easy it turned out to be to dismantle an entire system of government, take away rights, and pretend facts are partisan, speaking out is both a risk and a responsibility.

Here, on this page, all are welcome. Love is love.

Resistance and persistence are essential.

I have been wanting to give a brief update. I’m hoping to post more frequently here, get to some of the reviews of bands and musicians that have reached out. Life has been a bit crazy, but as it doesn’t look like calming down anytime soon, I guess there is no time like the present. A short trip out of the city this winter reminded me that the world is a big place, and art doesn’t need a lot, except the space and silence it loves.

The next book is being constructed. Progress. Still on track to have it finished before the summer. Nothing two weeks in a remote cabin wouldn’t help with. So I’ll just have to think about it all on the subway.

Thank you to everyone who has read the books, reviews, and interviews – and are still there.

Take care of yourself, don’t forget to turn off the Twitter feed, and hug those you love.

Going to take advantage of this snow day to work on the real stuff. Ice blizzard! Perfect. Getting seriously windy here, and the sound of the ice crystals hitting the windows, the sound of no cars driving, the sound of nature winning – is just enough and necessary.

Alice x

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