Paris. Where it all began. Literally. For me. Another home. I pay tribute to the courage and resilience of her multi-cultural, philosophical, beautiful people who have always been kind to me and my family, where I might be living right now but for a turn of the wheel. Beyond saddened by these nightmarish realities that we all must live with. Devastated by the loss of people doing what I might have been doing, what any of us could have been doing, an evening out trying to capture some happiness. My favorite part of Paris, filled with years of memories including this past summer. May we all join together in the aftermath of this insanity. I feel very alone confronting this madness, unthinkable what they went through. Their descriptions and their faces tear at me.

4 thoughts on “Paris

  1. Rosalind Malfense-Fierro says:

    Went to bed thinking it was an isolated incident, woke to a nightmare. My thoughts are with the entire peace loving French population. As ever Alice you write with perfection.

    • alice says:

      It is wonderful to hear from you, and thank you for the very kind words. May everyone reach out to each other – every light, however small, dispels the darkness. x

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