Terrace album We Fall Together

Terrace Is Ready For Take Off

Simon Lock, Kalani Polson and Alex Cooper make up the band Terrace. Their latest release, We Fall Together, is a breezy and beautiful summertime mash up of dance, trance, electronica, and ambient, with a dash of classic pop. It’s the sort of music that you put on, pour yourself a glass of something cold, and while listening, you start wondering where your bathing suit is, and could you possibly quit your job for the summer, or forever. Entertainment Weekly called their music “dreamy and danceable…with a quality of timelessness.” Although the band is based in Vancouver, their sound owes more to a worldly, European feel. Simon Lock is also an airline pilot, so it looks like landing in all the best places is an idea he’s been able to translate to music. Northern Transmissions had a chance to check in. Alice Severin spoke to Simon Lock about the vision, the band, and the image.

Like it was the soundtrack on a yacht in the south of France. (laughs) I wanted everything to feel like white linen pants, and big sun hats. And it was the result of travelling that put that idea in my head.

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