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My interview with Deers – NOW HINDS!

The buzz around the Spanish duo of Ana Garcia Perrote and Carlotta Cosials, who are the core of the band Deers NOW HINDS, has been like a warm evening breeze stroking your face as you take another sip of the local libation. Their lo-fi charm mixed with the wavy beach sound of the girl groups of the Sixties, not forgetting the nod to the Velvets, is an enthusiastic mix of potential and wish-fulfillment. Listening to their music offers a sparkly and simple cassette tape joy that adds up to way more than the usual garage flavored sound. Now a four piece, touring with Ade Martin and Amber Grimbergen, they’ve got friends all over and plans for an album that should make any type of lounging, whether on the beach or in a bar in Brooklyn, feel like something that should be filmed.

You can’t not like a band who releases a song called Castigadas en el Granero which translates as “Punished in the Barn”. Or who notices a boyfriend can’t be that hungover if he’s busy classifying his cassettes.

Tap here for the interview…

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