My interview with Jason Williamson of Sleaford Mods

Tiswas. That’s certainly what Sleaford Mods have created. For those of you who need a little brushing up on your British vocab, a tiswas is “a state of anxiety, confusion, or excitement.” It’s also the name of Jason Williamson and Andrew Fearn’s forthcoming EP, which is handy. It’s rare that you see so many people tripping over each other to come up with the definitive statement on a band. If it isn’t praise for the intensity of their live shows and admiration for the way Jason spits out invective like a dart straight to a bull’s-eye, it’s worry about what it all means and where they can go next with their stripped down sound. Maybe the most ironically funny responses have been the ones whose judgments reek of shocked and confused. It’s loud, it’s working class, it’s misguided, it’s too simple, it’s too angry – dear me, you’d think it was the start of punk all over again. Never mind the bollocks, Sleaford Mods have made a big splash.

It’s a form of expression that had been forgotten, actual accents have been snubbed out by stylized vocals and sexualized images.

And they performed a seriously brilliant show at The Wick in Bushwick, Brooklyn last Saturday.

More interview this way…

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