Pat Mahoney and Dennis McNany

Interview with Pat Mahoney on his new project – Museum of Love

Museum of Love is the musical collaboration of Pat Mahoney (ex LCD Soundsystem) and Dennis McNany. Together, they have created an album that uses electronica to flip back to great classics while creating music that feels brand new. Clever lyrics weave in and around the city beat, part of a sharp, arty atmosphere full of carefully curated sounds. The self-titled new album, Museum of Love, has just been released on DFA, and Northern Transmissions needed to hear about what’s on display in this museum. Alice Severin spoke with Pat Mahoney about the recording process, how lyrics are made, and the wonders of vintage gear.

NT – So this new output has happened not too long after LCD Soundsystem ended. And that was a big thing – with the sold-out tickets and shows.

PM – A giant publicity stunt, yes.

More Museum of Love this way…

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