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Now, I remember why I love Tristan and Lily (and AC) so much. Alice takes us behind the scenes and backstage to see what life as a rock star is like on the road and in the spotlight. We get a look behind closed doors at what it’s really like being in love with a rock star when you’re considered an outsider.

This is not your typical rock star story, it’s real. Once again, I didn’t feel like I was reading book. It was part blog, part documentary, part Rolling Stone/SPIN magazine article. I feel like I got the real rock star experience, not the watered down or fictionalized version. I learned that living on a tour bus is both interesting and B-O-R-I-N-G. And, that when you are in the music business you don’t really have friends, you have acquaintances. Everyone is out for themselves and wants a piece of you for their own benefit. 

Tristan constantly surprised me. He’s a complex, unique, and genuine creature. Never in a million years did I think I could fall in love with him any more than I already had, but Alice managed to do just that. We know Tristan loves Lily, but this time we really get to see the depth of it. I was honestly taken back by how deep his love for her runs, just how much he really needs her, and the way he shows it is just…….. heart melting. 

And Lily opened up a bit too. I don’t want to say I wasn’t a fan of Lily before, but she was just so closed off that I never got to see much into her. I can now say I really like Lily’s character – A LOT! She’s just scared and Tristan is the perfect offset for her. 

Some might be surprised at what unfolds but honestly the writing was on the wall. I actually liked how it all played out. If “it” didn’t happen I’m not sure the story would have been in keeping with who and what Lily and Tristan are. I feel the ending brought Lily and Tristan’s story to a close. Personally, I loved the way Alice closed it out. The ending fit Tristan and Lily perfectly. Could there be more??? Sure, but I would content if there wasn’t a fourth book.

I will say the first part of the book dealing with life on the road didn’t capture my attention as much as I had expected it to. I even struggled a bit to keep going. But the last half of the book???? OMG, it saved the story for me a thousand times over, it was absolutely wonderful and made me forget about any worries I had when reading the first half. 

Alice’s writing is beautiful and special. It’s not something you see every day. Her style adds to the tone and feel of the story. This series is a very unique experience in and of itself. Overall it’s still one of the best series I have ever read. When someone asks me what my favorite rock star series (or book) is I will always without a doubt say the Access Series.

Just remember……. Tristan is a rock star. Rock stars don’t’ generally do vanilla. Please, go into this with an open mind. If you have the story mapped out in your head beforehand, I can guarantee you will be disappointed because Tristan and Lily relationship is NOT cookie cutter. 

(oh, and I have to say Devised is the best band name EVER!!!)

(ARC received in exchange for an honest review)

6 thoughts on “Review of Access Unlimited

  1. Christina Dallas says:

    This series is a wonderful read! It gets you in the good and bad of life as a rock star. It’s a thrilling ride full of emotions and turmoil. I truely loved this series and recommend it to everyone! Thank you Alice for such an awesome read!!

  2. Christina Dallas says:

    A great series by a wonderful author!! You get pulled in to the wonders and troubles of life as a rock star. It’s steamy, alluring and touching. You feel the emotions through Alice’s wonderful writing. I recommend this book to alk my friends and anyone who enjoys a great book!

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