4 thoughts on “1000 likes on Facebook!

  1. carmella collins says:

    yay, it’s about time but i can’t wait to see what you have in store for tristan and lily, i’m sure the crap is going to be knee deep but i hope that in the end that they come to a common ground and have each other with what ever love is between them. as i have said before they each have a dark and daughting past, but we’ll see which way the wind blows, after all, don’t we all want a happy ending.

    • alice says:

      Ah so true, the lure of the happy ending! Well, we will see! I think Tristan and Lily have a few surprises in store. Not too much longer to wait – aiming for a January release! Alice xx

  2. Kara Hensley says:

    Swag…but honestly I just can’t wait for more Tristan & Lily!!!! January will be here before we know it EEEEEEEK!! :)))

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