Living Your Own Life

After a sad conversation yesterday with a friend who just experienced a sudden loss, I’ve spent some time thinking about life, and what we do with it, apart from day-to-day survival. Survival can mean so many things, and if we are lucky enough to have shelter and food, we are better off than many. But as more people are finding that their lives are being made harder, for many reasons, such as the draconian cuts in the UK that began this week, I fear that more of us find it difficult to find time and space to dream, to embrace possibility. As I watched my friend fight back tears and vow to reach out to everyone she knew, to let them know she cared, all I could do was listen and take her powerful reminder to heart.

Then this came through the letter box this am. Mick Jones, who some of you might remember from the first book, with a new project. What I really loved in this video were all the different people and their expressions. It’s so easy sometimes, I think, to be made to feel that everything must be one way, look the same, follow a certain path. Here’s to the beauty in individuality and living your own life, as best you can. To love and life.

carbon silicon – new song


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