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REC: “The Alley”, by Severin (NC-17)
Title: “The Alley”

Author: Severin (severinstir)

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Power, solitude, and memory.

Why I recommend it: A short but intense look at the state of mind of post-Halloween 1981 Remus Lupin – a mind that’s a world of its own where everything is grey, not black, just grey and colourless. A portrait of a man who’s anything but at peace with himself, but strangely at peace with that fact all the same. Very haunting, very beautiful, written in a unique style, subtle to the point of perfection, and featuring what is undoubtedly the best-written orgasm I’ve come across in fanfic so far.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to leave some feedback for the author!

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Ooo, the dark imagery in this is SO delicious!! I especially liked:

And maybe he was directing me, I thought. Maybe at that moment the demons were pulling that memory from him, wrenching it from his soul, and it was the echoing scream of it that I was hearing, that made me stop there, to save it. 

I love how you connected them across the gap separating them, dark and sad but somehow full of hope that there remains something there at all, even if it is bittersweet. Very well done, I liked it a lot!

Believe me, it was a pleasure ^_^

this was really good. i like the way you described Renn remembering Skil, especially the part about his lips. i don’t know what it is, i just really liked that. good job!

*moans* Oh, that was wonderful.

*bounces up and down* Oh, yes, please do!!!!

That was LOVELY. I even abandoned and muted the Manchester United game just to DROOL over this. GOD. This was . . . . Uakdjflakjsdfk. I LOVE IT.

All I remember from that game is some Man United players running around, and S licking blood desperately from between his fingers, and R “crying fuck me now.” o_o It is certainly a bizarre combination, but a combination of my greatest loves! 😀

That was breathtakingly painful in a good way. Well done!

This was absolutely astounding. Your imagery is beyond gorgeous, and you evoke such haunting scenes… R at one brick wall, S at another, unable to remember- darkly beautiful. And the bit about the Cocteau Twins’ warbling and it being a harbinger of death… so true. (at least the first part, lol!) I do love them but never have any idea what they’re singing about.

Really exquisite. Thanks for sharing.

I found you via a recommendation on starcrossedmoon, fyi.




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