Change Agent

There will be some time soon to reflect and think. A full moon, the solstice – the turning of the year.

I’ve been considering the next step of the writing journey. Sometimes it’s difficult to see the present and future as anything else other than a blank – like some off-line room in The Matrix. But that’s wrong, an image created by the toxic work environment I and many others find ourselves in, and the strange times we are all living through.

That adage that they used to hand out to the wives of traveling, transferred corporate stick figures – at least that is the first time I saw it – not as a wife! – but as a student invited by a group of wealthy women, who wanted to use their privilege to help young people feel at home in a foreign country – sticks in my mind.

Grow where you are planted.

Nothing outrageous, or remarkable, not really. But it reminded me that I am so grateful for the people I work with who aren’t soulless robots, and try hard to make things work. Not the fools who write “change agent” on their CV, and do nothing at all, while students go unpaid, and these wavers of jargon flags pass blame along like a dish of green beans at a dull dinner. But the important ones, who listen, who have accumulated their knowledge, and hold it gently, with strength and conviction.

The quiet fight.

Perhaps the revolution is coming after all.

Sometimes you have to honor where you have been to know where the path might lead next. Ask for help. Wander lost, while paying attention to signs.

Looking at reviews is always a strange enterprise. I suppose the hope is you find encouragement, someone noticed a moment, a line that you had always hoped they would. Other times, there are critics in rows, determined like those of their tribe, to discourage and turn difference away from the light. Sometimes a moment of clarity.

Thanks to whoever this is, for providing me a reason today (and every day) to carry on.


MLM 66

Great series and brilliantly written..!!

December 18, 2014

Format : Kindle Edition | Verified Purchase

I download Access Unlimited because I’d read the previous two books but I couldn’t for the life of me remember the storyline or characters, the first book Access all Areas was back in 2012 which was ages ago, so I decided to go back to the beginning of Access Restricted to reacquaint myself and even then there were a lot a couldn’t remember and I couldn’t help thinking that I should have read the first book again too, I’ve read so many In between.
One things for sure is that Alice Severin style of writing is quite different, the poetry influence and just the wording in General is absolutely brilliant and because of this you can’t read these books quickly well I couldn’t anyway, I needed to absorb every sentence, it makes you feel as if you are there and because of that you feel well connected with the characters.
I loved how Tristan and AC were together but the anticipation you felt all the way through was so great there were many times I thought something was going to happen with the two of them I know there was that one incident that Lily witnessed but I have to say I was surprised there wasn’t more and surprised it took as long as it did with Lily by that I mean the three of them together I thought it was beautiful, it worked for them and the ending was very touching, from the moment they turned up at Nick and Sarah’s house and Lily had her moment and you defiantly felt it, it made me cry, all in all it’s been a superb series..
Thank you Alice Severin..!!