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My review of Glass Riffer – the new album by Dan Deacon

On his album America Dan Deacon explored themes around the vast landscape of the states, borrowing from what at moments was like a mix of marching bands and American genres of music run through a filter of electronics that concluded with a four part ode to the country. And while Deacon is a stalwart member of the Baltimore electronic music scene, he’s also known for his classical work, even making his debut at Carnegie Hall in 2012. On top of all that, he writes film scores, including one for Francis Ford Coppola. This range of skill and ambition shows why the first song to be released, “Feel the Lightning” from the new album, Gliss Riffer, already has over 200,000 plays on Spotify, and his show at Rough Trade in NYC is sold out.

“Meme Generator” has to be one of the best off the album. At the beginning, it has a deep beat and trance like vocal, reminding a little of Museum of Love, but it’s quickly followed by a repetitive rhythm that gives the impression of a world speeding up. But it’s the haunting electronic keyboard motif that gives this song its oddly soulful mood, emphasized by the melodic continuation that allows the feel to drift over the incessant rhythm underneath.

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