I’m taking advice from a squirrel on TikTok. No, seriously. It’s 11am, and I’ve looked at enough emails, and here is a squirrel giving me advice – and I’m listening. It just told me that perfectionism and trying to please everyone is not the way forward. Seeing as I just received a competitive, blame-shifting email … Continue reading Wildness

Back to the Garden

The idea of group approval is a strange thing, pulling us this way and that, in directions that are sometimes worthy, other times ugly, asking us to constantly judge both ourselves and others, while hinting broadly exactly what that judgement should be. It’s not just music, or books, or film and TV that are ranked, … Continue reading Back to the Garden

Sunday Morning

I woke up this morning intending to write something. It was quiet, and the sun was bright and low in the sky. Early morning, with blue skies and quiet. Yesterday, someone moved in to this floor of the apartment building. Four hours of the door squeaking open, then banging shut. Then squeaking open, and shutting … Continue reading Sunday Morning