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I am going to update the site a bit more! I've been working on book three, the continuing adventures of Tristan and Lily - that's not the title btw! - and will have some news soon about the book and the release date. Alice xx

Days Off

  A day off, some down time, some writing, some remembering what counts. It’s amazingly easy to get caught up in the rush of everything passing by, a passive observer of life. Even the smallest errand can quickly turn into wondering if this is what you’re really meant to do, or if it’s just easier … Continue reading Days Off


Dinowalrus You don't expect much on a Monday. At least I don't. I'd read about a British band, Everything Everything, who were coming over as British bands do, to try and break America. But they sounded interesting, and my friend had bought tickets. It was cold out. The usual. I was coaxed out, with the … Continue reading Dinowalrus