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Lull – Sea Change



A new song. “Sea Change.”


Voice right up and center. That initial panic. It’s different. Is it going to be another plaintive vocal lament, will it all go wrong, the usual new song worry.

And maybe it’s the teasing anxiety that makes the turn to relief bloom into blissful pleasure. That guitar riff above the growl of the bass, the lift of the rising and diving float of the notes, the texture of the sound, emerging from everything that ricochets off the walls, out of an ocean of sound.

“You can’t stay out of the sun”, sings that voice, just as the wave carries you forward.  And on we go, and there’s a sudden glance over the shoulder at Radiohead and Thom Yorke’s ability to twist an emotion out of the rawest, broken and naked-throated call. And there’s that burst of energy, just from the idea that a band is taking stock of itself, and rising on its own elaboration, doing what it wants, and finding what it needs. Maybe what we all need.

On repeat.

A new EP is out on Paper Cup Music.

Go see them if you can. Soon. Because The Guardian is giving them love. Say you saw them when.

Upcoming Shows:

November 18 – London, UK at The Engine Rooms for DIY Thursdays

November 23 – Cardiff, Wales at Gwdihw w/ Yossarian

December 01 – London, UK at The Finsbury w/ Electric Litany


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