Merry Christmas – teaser from book three

Teaser from Access Unlimited – coming January 2014

He took my hand. “I imagined this,” Tristan said. “I imagined us together, just the two of us, like this.” He laughed. “Isn’t that stupid? But I could see us, holding hands, lying on the bed, on the tour bus.” He rolled over and carefully draped a long leg over mine. “Maybe not just holding hands, though.”

I looked at the little door leading to the rest of the bus, out to where the bunks were. I frowned at him. “The rest of them, can they hear us? You’ve done this before?”

Tristan ignored my question, and instead kissed me, gently, tracing the line of my cheekbone with his lips. Then he looked up at me, teasingly, from under his long eyelashes. “Why, are you shy? They know what we’re going to do.” He ran his finger slowly up my bare arm. “I’ll be very quiet, if you will.” He caught my hand and brought it up to his mouth, covering it, his eyes flashing with amusement.

It went beyond understanding how Tristan made every time feel new again, like we were starting over, right from the first desperate need to be touched. I closed my eyes. It felt good, so good to feel the weight of his body on me. His hands were warm and strong, and soon I forgot about the people on the other side of the door, the bus, the tour, and everything except the feeling of his skin on mine.

Alice Severin 2013

12 thoughts on “Merry Christmas – teaser from book three

  1. Virginia says:

    Alice, thank you for responding. You deserve the praise – have put my “book club ladies” onto your series. One was as bad as me and finished both books in two days. Will just have to wait and I know the wait will be worth it!!! Virginia xx

    • alice says:

      That’s fantastic! Thank you so much for the support – it means so much, especially now as I wrap up book three. Alice xxx

  2. Virginia says:

    Alice, just finished Access Restricted at 3am, could not stop reading it. Agree with everyone – these books are great, getting better all the time. Can not wait for Access Unlimited. Thank you for a great series so far but please how soon is “very soon”? March?

    • alice says:

      Thank you! What a great compliment and I’m very happy you like the books! I don’t want to say an exact date but it is very very soon! I will post the announcement as soon as it’s definite!
      Alice xx

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