Working hard on book three…

And there are some interesting points to consider…

In the meantime, I’ve been looking at some great reviews. I am just so impressed by how insightful you all are. What fantastic readers! I’m really honored. I’ll be posting some of your words up here in the next couple of weeks.

Also trying out one of the scenes from AAA with a POV from Tristan. That should be up soon – I will post a link.

Monday! Have a good week.


6 thoughts on “Working hard on book three…

  1. libby says:

    Loved your 2 books! So very glad you are writing #3. it’s such a trill to read about a life style that soooo very different than my own. Please continue your wonderful writing that has enhanced all of our lives.
    And thank you from the bottom of my rock & roll heart.

    • alice says:

      And you are more than welcome. Thank you so much for your words – means a lot. So happy that you liked them! Alice <3

  2. Mary Theresa says:

    Thank You. I am a avide reader and for books were fantastic. I couldn’t put them down. two books in two days. My husband had alot of trouble getting my attention until I finished book two around 3 am on day two. Character were so real i feel like i know them. I am so looking forward to book three. Hope it almost ready for release.
    Thank you again for two days of great reading.

    • alice says:

      Thank you so much! Love that story, that’s brilliant. So glad you connected with the characters. Working on book three at the moment. Getting there! Thank you for sharing!!

    • alice says:

      Hi there. Thank you for asking! I’ve got a few titles kicking around but I never like to decide until the book is written. Not sure on a release date yet – still writing!

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