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I’ve been just blown away by the fantastic reviews and comments, both on Amazon and on Facebook, as well as here. It’s amazing to see that you are all finding Tristan as irresistible as…a hot guy in leather? No really…it’s fantastic and I’m hard at work pushing to get the sequel released next month.

Please keep reviewing, and if you do contribute to blogs, post the link! Your descriptions are a thing of beauty.

I hear someone cracking the whip…

2 thoughts on “Share the love

  1. Marjorie Wiegert says:

    Hi Alice! Your book was definitely one of the best I read this year. Amazing characterization due mainly to your tight and descriptive writing but also to your skills with dialogues and monologues… yes, I absolutely love the way you write, can’t wait for the next book about Lily and Tristan, but will also be looking forward to whatever you will write in the future. Don’t change anything, you’re a terrific author! Cheers.

    • alice says:

      Hi! Thank you so much for reading and for the comment on the writing! I’ve a few projects simmering, so that’s very encouraging – much appreciated. Book two of this series should be out around Xmas. I’ll keep you posted! Alice

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