Sunday Morning

I woke up this morning intending to write something. It was quiet, and the sun was bright and low in the sky. Early morning, with blue skies and quiet. Yesterday, someone moved in to this floor of the apartment building. Four hours of the door squeaking open, then banging shut. Then squeaking open, and shutting … Continue reading Sunday Morning

Content 3

November 1 November always used to be my favorite month. The month of fogs, and mist, and shapes in the dusk that change and disappear as you stare into the grey air. There’s NaNoWriMo. Always a good month to write, sinking into ideas without some sunny distraction. So - some various thoughts on voice and … Continue reading Content 3

Content 2

First responders to an outbreak of creativity. Or, how the group Facebook recommended might not have your best interests at heart. “Forget the arbitrary rules,” said a meme. Someone posted the other day, “I knew I had such a gift that I never took a real job.” The British Government now jumps in, offering you … Continue reading Content 2

Content 1

There are moments. You hear something, and you look up, and you realize that you are thinking. For the first time. Or at least in a long time. Today, I talked to someone on the phone. Are you ok? they asked. They’ll use you up, you know. They don’t care. Take time for yourself. You … Continue reading Content 1